February 23, 2008

Client: Brooks Brothers: Special Project Book: At Your Service

At Your Service: In-Store Merchandising Sales Tool.
Inside tab page, two merchandising pages and two size|price charts

Client: Brooks Brothers: Winter Sale 2007 catalogue

December 2007 Winter sale book: Cover and two typical inside spreads

Client: Brooks Brothers: December Sale 2006 catalogue

December 2006 Sale Book: Cover and typical inside spread

Client: Brooks Brothers: January Clearance 2006 catalogue

January 2006 Clearance Cover and typical inside spread

Client: Brooks Brothers, Inc.: Order Forms

Orderforms: one version of many created with and without store listings

February 20, 2008

Client: The Wholesome Krum: descriptive Brochure

Brochure supporting wholesome cooking service

Client: Thomas S. Klise Company: History Lessons for Children

Three sets of CD covers, back trays and brochures

Client: Thomas S. Klise Company: Catalogues

Catalogue covers: 1998

Client: Titicaca: product catalogue

Square shaped looseleaf pages bound with satin cord.

Client: SASAKI: stemware slip sheet and folder

Envelope size format catalogue. Slip sheets various stemware

Client: Ten Strawberry Street: Quattro Dinnerware Systems

Client: George Dell Inc.: Website and sales catalogue

original website: executed by Chris Cullmann, Redsparc, LLC.

Trade Ad for launch of new line

Sales Catalogue pages 2001

Client: NorthStar Travel Media: Gavel directories

Gavel directory for years: 2002, 2003, 2004. Covers and selections of pages from each year. Lavenas|Carson Group compiled and updated the data, managed the workflow and wrote the text.

Client: Various: Circulation | Direct Mail

Circulation Subscription Renewal Efforts: Metalworking News

Circulation Letter: DNR Mens Wear Fashion News

Direct mail packages: Fairchild Publications & Brylane

Client: Bijou Jewelry catalogue

Three editions of costume jewelry and accessories catalogues aimed at youth market

Client: various: Bind-in Cards

First: Fairchild Publications: Home Furnishing Daily, Metalworking News & Entree magazines. Brylane & Lerners
Second: Brylane brands

Client: NorthStar Travel Media: Texas 2000 & 2001

2000 Texas Cover. Cover composed: Chris Cullmann, Cullmann Design. Art direction: Lorraine Gagliardotto Garry. Advertorial supplement to Meetings & Conventions magazine. Editor: Janice Hill Perez. Northstar Travel Media, LLC.

2000 Texas. Opening page. 

Cover 2001 Texas supplement for Meetings & Conventions Magazine. Editor: Janice Hill Perez. Cover composed: Chris Cullmann, Cullmann Design. Art direction: Lorraine Gagliardotto Garry.